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How do I apply for a position at Raleigh Studios?

Our application process is handled directly through the Raleigh Studios Careers Website. Once you find a job of interest to you, please select the job title for further information about the position and the required qualifications. Then click on the “Apply for this Job” button. Fill in your personal information and upload a single page cover letter and a current resume in either a .doc or .pdf format. Some positions may ask for additional information. Please follow the instructions included in the position listing carefully. Sometimes there may not be a position that directly fits what you are looking for. If you feel that you are still a good fit for Raleigh Studios as a company, we encourage you apply under the “General Application” option on the careers landing page. There you will be able to submit your personal and contact information as well as cover letter and resume. Be sure to tell us what areas excite you the most about Raleigh!

Will you contact me after I have applied for a position?

Unfortunately, due to the volume of emails we receive, we may not be able to contact every person individually with feedback. As much as we’d love to hear from you, please refrain from phone calls regarding your submission. We will contact you if an interview is appropriate.

I accidentally submitted my application with incorrect information.Can I amend it?

Unfortunately after you have sent us your application there is no way to revise the content within. Go ahead and resubmit your application to us and note in your cover letter or resume that it is revised from the previous submission.

How often can I reapply?

We encourage you to apply for any and all positions that you are interested in and qualified for. As with many other arenas of the industry, “timing can be everything”. In general, we recommend waiting 6 months between applications unless there is a change in your contact information or qualifications.

Do you keep resumes on file?

Yes. If we feel that your skills and experience fit Raleigh but we don’t have the right position available just yet, we will keep your information on file. We often refer back to our pool of resumes when new positions open up.

How long are resumes kept on file?

We file relevant and qualified resumes for up to a year.

Do I need to be authorized to work in the United States to Apply for a Position at Raleigh Studios?

Raleigh is not able to hire those without proof of eligibility to work in the United States at its domestic facilities. You must be able to supply this proof to our Human Resources department in order to be considered for a position here. For our International locations, local rules apply.

What is the starting salary for a position at Raleigh?

Every position here is unique. Raleigh offers competitive salaries and benefits to our employees.

What format should I submit my resume and cover letter in?

Please send your resume and cover letter in either a .pdf file or word documents with a .doc ending.

I’m having technical difficulties with the job site. Is there any other way to apply?

First, completely close out your browser and try again, or restart your computer to see if refreshing the site will fix the problem. If you are still having unresolvable difficulties, you may create an email directly to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and include your personal details in the text with your cover letter and resume attached. Please make the subject the position title that you are applying for. You are also welcome to fax your cover letter and resume to us at 323-960-4712. 

We do prefer and recommend using the technology in our website whenever possible as it makes keeping track of your information the most efficient on our end, so please restrain from emailing or faxing submissions aside from technical difficulties.

Your name is Raleigh. Do you have a location in North Carolina?

As confusing as this may be, Raleigh Studios does not have a facility in Raleigh, North Carolina nor is our name connected to the city of Raleigh in any way.

How can I submit a creative story or script idea to you?

Raleigh is not involved in the creative development of stories at this time and does not accept submissions. Please do not send any kind of submission to Raleigh Studios. For legal reasons, all creative material submissions will be automatically discarded.

I am really interested in working in production or have a lot of production experience. Can you help me?

Raleigh operates independently of the productions that shoot on our lots. While we do provide services for these productions, Raleigh Studios itself is not a production company. Staffing of the productions is handled by the shows themselves. Due to our confidentiality agreements, we are not allowed to provide you with their information. Sorry.

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