internships at RALEIGH

What kind of internships do you offer?

Raleigh Studios offers internships in: accounting, generic business development, marketing and client development, special events, human resources, studio operations, screening room/projectionist operation, set lighting and stage management. We also occasionally have internships available in arenas outside of these listed – such as grip and electric, and post among others.

Please look at the current internship options listed and apply for one of those.

What in the world does “studio operations” mean?

Studio Operations consists of managing all the day to day activities that make a studio work, from administration and balancing the needs of multiple productions to parking and maintenance. It is the job of Studio Operations to make sure every client need is addressed to the best of our abilities.

You say that you are a “production service provider”. What is that?

A production service provider essentially provides services that a production needs to complete their project. This includes but is not limited to: sound stages, lighting and grip equipment, back lot locations, catering, office space, screening rooms and post services.

What format should I submit my resume and cover letter in?

Please send your resume and cover letter in either a .pdf file or word documents with a .doc ending.

Do any of your internships pay?

Raleigh Studios unfortunately does not offer paid internships. All internships are for school credit and must be approved by your institution with proper insurance coverage.

Are interns eligible for benefits?

Internship positions are not eligible for benefits through Raleigh Studios.

Okay. So we don’t get a check for interning…. but what sort of perks can we expect?

Raleigh Studios locations are not open to the public. By being an intern, you will have a front row seat to what goes on behind the scenes of actual TV and film production at a location few have access to.

I’ve already graduated, but would be willing to work for free anyway. Can I?

Nope. We love your enthusiasm, but due to legal restrictions and insurance requirements, all interns must be enrolled in an internship program through an accredited college or university.

What sort of skills and previous experiences can be helpful for interning at Raleigh Studios?

Basic office skills and professional phone manners are a must. Being on an active studio lot means you will many times be interacting with top level personnel and it is important you represent Raleigh in an appropriate manner.

Having an above average knowledge of who is who in the industry (people, production companies, major studios, TV shows, and practices) is very helpful but not required. We will request that you read the trades and get up to date on industry news if you aren’t already. Some positions will require direct contact with production companies or studios and having this understanding will go a long way.

A basic understanding of excel and outlook are necessary for helping in presentations, reports, studies, scheduling and more. Photoshop knowledge is also a plus.

What if I don’t have a car?

You need to be responsible for your own transportation. While we will not require that you actually have a vehicle to make runs and such – we do expect you to be in charge of arriving and departing from the internship.

I’m having technical difficulties with the job site. Is there any other way to apply?

First, completely close out your browser and try again, or restart your computer to see if refreshing the site will fix the problem. If you are still having unresolvable difficulties, you may create an email directly to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and include your personal details in the text with your cover letter and resume attached. Please make the subject the position title that you are applying for. You are also welcome to fax your cover letter and resume to us at 323-960-4712. 

We do prefer and recommend using the technology in our website whenever possible as it makes keeping track of your information the most efficient on our end, so please restrain from emailing or faxing submissions aside from technical difficulties.

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