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Lighting & Grip Services

Our on-Lot Lighting and Grip Department means you are a phone call away from the largest inventory of gear and the best customer service in the Industry. Every piece of equipment on your list is available for delivery straight to the stage or off-lot filming location.

We work with you from the beginning, incorporating new technology and ideas from the first camera and lighting test on through to production. Our goal is to go beyond just checking inventory off a list to becoming part of your total lighting and grip solution. We're More than a lot!

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Lighting and grip
Lighting and Grip

Production Resource Center

We’ve got your back. And your tape, batteries, gels…

From lumber to pencils – You name it, we’ve got it. Conveniently located on our studio campus, our Production Resource Center is fully stocked and ready to meet your construction and production needs.

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Additional Services

Valet & Security

Our security staff and valet team are available at all hours to protect your assets, direct visitors and staff special events.


1600 square feet of workout space with over 20 pieces of exercise equipment Hours: 8 AM to 7 PM


Sound Stages


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